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At West Linn Fitness, you're not just another body, you're a teammate.  When you sign up to be part of WLF, you're signing up to be part of a TEAM.  We work together to reach your goals. 

The WLF Difference:

1)  Accountability - If you don't show up to class, we notice!  We'll be sure to get in touch with you to make sure you keep on track to meet your goals.


2)  Teamwork - We'll talk about our goals as a team and work together to make sure everyone meets them!


3)  Support - The WLF Team is always available to you to help you problem solve and reach your goals.

4)  Encouragement - We'll encourage you to push to your next level and treat you with respect.  We've OFTEN been accused of being tough (we like it when people say that), but we're nice enough that people keep coming back for more.

5)  Creativity - No workout will EVER be exactly the same.